$5 Meal Plans

$5 Meal Plan is a weekly meal plan service that makes your meal planning as simple as possible.  For just $5 a month you are sent a delicious meal plan where each meal cost about $2 per person! You will save time and money all while still eating well.

Menu Planning Central

Save time and money all while eating healthier.  Choose from family favorites, healthy 30-minute meals, or vegetarians menus plans.  Family favorites are delicious home cooked meals for the whole family. Healthy 30-minute meals are quick and easy, gluten free with no refined sugar or processed ingredients.  Vegetarian menu plans are delicious meat-free main dishes. Choose a monthly, annual, quarterly, or lifetime membership plan.

Easy Freezer Meals

Prepare 10 meals for the freezer in 1 hour!  This is perfect for the busy chef. The most delicious and efficient recipes designed for thorough freezer cooking meal plans. 

Healing Oils

100% natural, these healing oils help with everything from remove skin tags and moles to getting rid of nail fungus.  The skin and beauty products really work as well.

Non-Toxic Products

Non-toxic, eco-friendly products for the entire household.  Cleaning products, kitchen products, Wellness products, body products, products for pets and kids, and more.  

Health Tracker

Track your calories, nutrients, meals, exercise, biometrics, and health data. 

Lab Tests

Direct discounted blood work and lab testing - no doctor required

Order the lab test YOU want when your doctor won’t. No physician visit required.  A 3 step easy process where you can order a individual tests or a package at a discount.


EMF Protection

EMF, often referred to as radiation, can be harmful.  For most people, exposure to EMF occurs on a daily basis, as the fields are virtually everywhere.  That’s why it’s important to protect yourself as much as possible.

Juice Cleanse

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Cold-pressed, non-pasteurized, and made only with 100% plant-based ingredients. Their produce is delivered fresh daily from a local chemical-free facility.